Wholesale Discounts

Are you looking to offer circus appropriate apparel to any of your students that show up for a class wearing something that maybe they shouldn't be. Students will be thrilled to be able to pick up items right off the rack that will save them on making times and shipping costs.  

Add your logo

Depending on the number of pieces ordered, you can receive wholesale discounts and resell for whatever price you would like. 

Our wholesale program allows you to purchase our apparel and re-sell at your studio. You can add your logo to any of our apparel or you can re sell it blank just as we do. 

Discount amounts depend on the quantity that is ordered at one time. To be eligible for the discount the apparel items must be the same item (ie Crop Top) but the sizing and fabric colors can be different. 

Order of 10+ is 15% off regular price.

Discuss with Jen directly your store vision, you can pick which items you feel would suit your studio best as well as choose your favorite fabrics/colors.