All of our apparel is made in Toronto, Canada by studio owner Jennifer Moore, with the help of a small local production house located in Toronto’s west end. 

At Fit 2 Fly, we cover the whole creative process!

  1. We create and draft all of our own patterns.
  2. We source and order our fabrics from locally owned businesses.
  3. Once the fabric arrives, we trace our patterns and do all of our own cutting (and donate extra fabric scraps). 
  4. Every garment is sewn individually, with our own custom size tags that we create in-studio.
  5. We finish each piece by applying our custom logo, which is also designed and created in-studio.


Making all of our own apparel in Toronto is far less wasteful than purchasing clothing from somewhere else, where the product inevitably gets delivered in a ton of packaging. In addition to reducing our environmental footprint, we reuse and donate all of our fabric scraps to craft programs around the city. The fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world, and is a major contributor to water pollution, plastic pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Fit 2 Fly aims to slow the trend of fast fashion by providing quality, versatile pieces, while reducing our carbon footprint by producing products locally. 

Jen aspires to create an impact in the fashion industry that encourages other brands to look deeper into how their products are sourced, produced and packaged, and to consider the changes that could be made to help reduce waste.