Made in Canada



We create and draft all of our own patterns.

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Clothing tags

Every garment is sewn individually, with our own custom size tags that we create in-studio.

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Once the fabric arrives, we trace our patterns and do all of our own cutting (and donate extra fabric scraps). 

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Logo Applications

We finish each piece by applying our custom logo, which is also designed and created in-studio.


Jennifer Moore

Jen started Fit 2 Fly in 2013, designing circus apparel for her circus and dance performance colleagues and friends. Starting with apparel booths at recitals and events with samples to try on, she would offer fabric swatches and size charts to choose from, and make each of the garments from scratch, delivering to the customer individually. 

Click the picture below of Jen performing Bungee with Circus Orange, to read more...

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Sourcing Local

Sourcing from other local business is very important to us. Our threads, fabrics, logo vinyl...any supplies needed really, Jen will go out of her way to find the local go to shop. 

Jen enjoys knowing her suppliers and will go with the family mom and pop ship over a larger corporation whenever she has the chance.

100% handmade soap bar


Low Waste/Sustainable Production

All of our fabric off cuts are donated to local schools, shelters, or anyone looking for a creative outlet. 

Jen thrives in finding ways to reuse things in innovative ways that help save waste everyday.