At Fit 2 Fly, every person who walks in to visit us will see our apparel being made. 


We cover the whole creative process!

1. We create and draft all of our own patterns
2. We source and order our fabrics from locally owned businesses
3. Once the fabric arrives, we trace our patterns and do all our own cutting
4. Every garment is sewn individually, with our own custom size tags that we  create in studio
5. We finish each piece by applying our custom logo, also designed and created us in our studio

As one of our customers, you can purchase our pre-made apparel items off the rack in studio, or you can place a custom order online or in person.
If you are looking for a specific colour or fabric, we have hundreds of options available!

All of our fabrics have 4 way stretch and are perfect for training, we carry:

- Supplex 
- Prints 
- Metallic
- Hologram
- Cracked Ice
- Velvet
- Lace
- Mesh + more

Anyone can pick which items they would like to order, including :

- High Waist Leggings
- Crop Tops
- Tank Tops
- Long Sleeve Shirts
- Slouch Pants
- Back Warmers 
and many more

We help determine customers sizing in studio for their order, or we have a sizing chart available on our website for those ordering online.

Once your order is ready, we will notify you and your item of apparel is placed into one of our reusable bags. From there, all you have to do is come to our studio, have a look at our Pick-up Board, and grab your items out of the bag with your name on it!  We also offer shipping options for those outside of the pickup area.

All of our garments are sewn in studio by local circus artists and we love to collaborate within the circus community. Our amazing photographer, Kaylens, creates the best photos you could ever imagine. You can find her through her Instagram @kaylens to book for professional shoots and our graphic designer, Joanne Galligan, creates all of our custom promotions with eye popping designs. She is also an amazing coach, and you can find her teaching classes for the Toronto Circus Collective

You can shop online anytime through our webstore:  You can message us and place custom orders by email, Instagram @fit2fly, or through our Facebook page.