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Custom/Wholesale Apparel for your studio

Wholesale Pricing:
We offer discounted pricing on our  apparel for you to resell at your studio.    The discount you receive will depend on  the quantity of items in your order. 
Please contact us for more details on  pricing and how you can offer Canadian  Made apparel at your studio. 


Custom Apparel:
If you are looking to add your logo to apparel that you can re sell or have your staff wear we are your one stop shop! At Fit 2 Fly we make all of our own apparel and also do all of our printing ourselves in studio. 
Our most durable printing method is called Dye Sublimation which is a printing method that will never crack, fade or wear away. You can can get full multi color logos on white fabrics or solid black works on lighter more vibrant colors. 
On black fabrics we can offer vinyl logos which is available in a number of colors. Vinyl logos are durable but may eventually fade over time and are limited to one color. 
For pricing inquiries please fill out the contact form below and we will send you our wholesale pricing info.