What to wear training on hot days

If you are wondering what to wear to training on hot summer days, let me tell you about my favorite apparel items that will keep me cool and covered. 

For me the right fabric is very important. The Bamboo is by far my favorite fabric to wear in the summer. It is very breathable and has a great amount of stretch so I don't feel hot and sweaty like I do if I am wearing a higher polyester based fabric.

All of the online items can be made with the bamboo fabrics. Daily I am wearing a Crop Top, Box Crop TankSleeveless T or a Sports Bra paired with Slouch Pants, Crop Disco Pants or High Waist Booty Shorts.

If you are training certain aerial circus arts such as silks, hoop, trapeze, straps etc. you probably would rather keep certain body areas covered so they are protected from aerial burns and bruises. To stay covered and keep cool I like to wear a Crop Top paired with the high waist booty shorts and then adding some protective accessories such as the Back Warmer, Knee Protectors, Leg Warmers, Wrist Protectors or the Long Sleeve Shrug.

The Back warmer is great because it allows you to train in not a lot of clothing but sill keeping your stomach and back covered. 

The Knee Protectors will allow you to do all of your knee hook skills without compromising comfort for bruises. They are also great to help save your leggings during big slack drops. 

The Wrist Protectors are a straps favorite and will help keep your wrists/forearms covered so you can feel continue feeling comfortable during reps.  

The Tall Leg Warmers are another great way to keep the back of your knees covered while wearing shorts or a bodysuit. 

The Long Sleeve Shrug is another great option to keep your arms covered but not fully be wearing a shirt. It's especially perfect to wear overtop of our Crop Top while do any sort of silks/straps roll ups or hoop/trapeze elbow circles. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me directly, I am happy to help with any questions.