What To Wear To Handstand Class?

Learning how to handstand is hard enough without worrying about what your clothing is doing or how it's feeling. 

When I was learning handstands, I found it easier to keep my body tight in tight clothing. Tight clothing = tight body. When I was first trying to find my line, I found that tight clothing helped remind my body to be tight. If I was wearing loose sweatpants I found it much harder to remember to squeeze my butt. 

You want to be able to focus on being upside down rather than your top flipping up over your head. 

Crop Top or Tank Top - Keeps you cool and comfortable during your training. 

Crop Top  Tank Top

Long Sleeve Raglan - This top comes in crop length or full length and is a great option for training when you want to keep your arms covered for a little more warmth. 

Crop Raglan  Crop Raglan Full Length Raglan Long Sleeve

Leotard - Love this Leo! It can be ordered without sleeves or with 3/4 sleeves, it's great for keeping everything in place while also being upside down. 


For Pants I have find that wearing tight fitted pants is best for beginners, it will help your coach be able to see your line and give you feedback. 

High Waist Leggings- These leggings are my go to for training, the Supplex fabrics have great compression and 4 way stretch. 

High Waist Leggings

High Waist Booty Shorts or Longer Length Bike Shorts

High Waist Booty Shorts  High Waist Bike Shorts

As I became more comfortable upside down and became more advanced I found that I was able to wear a tight top but with looser pants and that it didn't affect my handstand line so much. 

Slouch Pants

Slouch Pants

Transit Pants

Transit Pants

Keep your core engaged with a back warmer, compression/shirt tucked in.

 Back Warmer

If you have any further questions about what you wear to Handstand class please send me a message. I am also able to take online private handstand lessons and give you an individual training plan.

You can send me an email to fit2flyapparel@gmail.com

or you can find me on Instagram @fit2fly_apparel

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