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Sizing Studios

If you are a Studio and would like to carry sizing samples of any of our items we will send you a Fit 2 Fly package as well as our "How To Order" post cards. 

You will not need to take any orders or customer information, all you would do is:

1) Keep our sizing samples on display and let your clients know that we are locally made in Toronto. 

2) Direct the customer to our post cards which explains how they can place their order. 

* This is a zero risk benefit for you since you do not have to purchase the sizing set. We will track how many sales come from your studio which will then allow to you apply for apparel discounts based of of your studio sales. 

Sizers can be found at: 

http://www.bodymason.ca/  (901 Yonge St, Toronto ON) 

http://www.paradisaea-aerial.com/  (6017 Valley Way,Niagara Falls, ON)

Post Cards