Thank you for helping us stop the spread of Covid 19. Our Washable/Reusable Non-Medical Masks are featured below

Non-Medical Masks FAQ's

Thank you for contacting us at Fit 2 Fly, if you are looking for our Non-Medical Masks we are having a high volume of emails and requests so I have answered a few of the most common questions below. If you still have a question feel free to send us another email but please read below first. 

How To Place Your Order:

To place your Non-Medical Mask order please go to our website at it helps us keep track of all of the orders coming in.

Once you place your order online you will receive an order confirmation email that will let you know that your order is ready for pick up or you will receive a tracking number if you have selected shipping.  

We have received a higher than anticipated amount of orders come in and orders are being fulfilled within apx 1 week from when you place your order.

If you select our safe pick option you will receive an email that your order is ready for pick up Mon-Fri between 12pm-5pm right outside of our door in the little box. Each order is wrapped with your name on it. 

If you have selected shipping for your order please fill out your mailing address to your online order, this will allow me to print the label from our website rather than having to process the order myself at Canada Post. This will allow me to have minimal contact with anyone while dropping off your order to Canada Post. 

Due to a high demand of our Non-Medical Masks we have to switch from our PWYC method to a retail price of $15 /per mask so that we can order more supplies and keep our doors open. If you are operating a charitable organization with people that are at high risk please contact us directly and we will discuss our donation options. 


Surprise Fabric vs Choose Your Fabric:

Due to a high demand for masks for the moment I will have to switch to surprise fabric, I am using fabrics that I have available and am trying to get orders out as fast as possible. Choosing fabrics has become too much for the time being, please know that all of our fabrics are typically used for circus apparel and costumes so all masks will have an outside layer of anything from more basic color fabrics to bright, fun and sparkly. Each mask is lined with 100% cotton with an insert slot if you choose to add an additional filter inside. 

If you still have questions you can send me another email but please note that I am busy making masks and will answer your question as soon as I can.

I truly appreciate the overwhelming response to our Non-Medical masks and hope that we stay connected as a community once the Covid-19 crisis subsides and I look forward to meeting each as everyone of you once we can meet in person. 

Stay Healthy,