Progressing Ballet Technique-All Levels

Wednesdays: 6:00 PM

45 mins

Platform: Zoom

Equipment: fit ball (yoga or Pilates ball), yoga mat (optional), a wall 

This challenging class is based off of the innovative program called Progressing Ballet Technique which consists of floor conditioning exercises to improve coordination and muscle memory directly related to ballet, and contemporary dance movements. There is a large focus on core strength, weight placement and alignment which is beneficial to dancers and non-dancers alike. With the use of the fit ball, students are able to quickly feel where they are imbalanced and will feel improvements very quickly. A few repetitions go a long way in this class when executed correctly and efficiently. 

Ballet Barre- Advanced Beginner 


Wednesdays: 7:00 PM 

1 hour 

Platform: Zoom

Equipment: chair/counter, yoga mat (optional)

The focus of this class incorporates the ballet fundamentals for finding correct posture and body alignment while continuing to build on movement patterns and musical nuances. With a large emphasis on technique, the class will build stamina, long lean muscles and flexibility. 

Class consists of a cardio warm up, ballet barre, a short centre combination, and a cool down stretch. 

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Annie Cassar has dedicated her life to the performing arts and dance education. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Specialized Honours) in Dance from York University, teaching certificates in the B.A.T.D syllabus (British Association of Teachers of Dancing), Progressing Ballet Technique, children’s yoga and more, Annie has performed with renowned dance artists and companies throughout the GTA and Canada. She is an ACTRA member working in film and television and has broad choreography and teaching experience with all ages and levels. 

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