What to wear to aerial circus class?

If you are wondering what you should wear to your first aerial circus class we are here to help. You will want to cover your body with tight fitted clothing rather than bear skin or loose clothing. 

My go to aerial circus training outfit would be: 

Base Layer: 3/4 Sleeve LeotardCrop Top or Tank Top/High Waist Leggings 

Added Layer: Back Warmer/Crop Raglan Long Sleeve or Full Length Raglan

Leotards are perfect for keeping your outfit in perfect place so you can focus on your training. Crop Top and Tank Tops have a high neck so you won't have to worry about showing too much during inversions. 

Our High Waist Leggings are higher than most which will help keep your stomach protected from silks burns. 

A Back Warmer is a must have that will keep your stomach protected and engaged. 

Wearing a Crop/Full Length Raglan Long Sleeve will help protect you from arm pit burns. 

If you have any questions on what to your to your silks class you can send Jen an email and she will be happy to help.