Circus training apparel made local by professional circus artists

If you are a circus artist you know how important it is to have certain body parts covered and protected during your training. At Fit 2 Fly every team member is a professional circus artist so we have the knowledge to recommend what article of clothing might help enhance your training. Whether you are training silks, rope, hoop, trapeze, hammock, handbalancing, pole, dance, strength training or flexibility/contortion we have made certain articles of clothing that will help you stay covered or expose your skin when needed. 

If you are new to circus and are not quite sure what to wear feel free to message us anytime to discuss what items might work best for you. 

Even if you are not training circus and are just looking for great quality athletic apparel our items are put to the daily test and pass with literally 'flying' colours. 

Artist Made Clothing   

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